- May 24, 2017 -

Everything’s No. 1! How to Get a Handle on Prioritizing Jobs

We’ve all been there: Just when you think you’ve finally gotten ahead of your list of tasks, an avalanche of new requests hits your desk. All are due...

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- May 18, 2017 -

The Fine Print: Why Printed Materials Should Still Be Part of Your Marketing Toolbox

As the world moves closer and closer to an all-screen environment, it’s easy to forget that print was once the dominant form of communication. Not just...

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- May 08, 2017 -

Get Animated With Your Advertising

Thanks to the 1659 invention of the first magic lantern by Christiaan Huygens, we’ve been able to experience an illusion of life combined with fantasy....

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- April 21, 2017 -

Telling Difficult Stories in a Positive Way

Truly there is nothing more compelling than real life. Even the greatest actor working from the greatest script can’t match reality for dramatic...

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- March 27, 2017 -

Do’s and Don’ts for a Solid Social Media Strategy

You’ve made your company Facebook and Twitter pages, you’ve carefully crafted a post or tweet, and you hit send. Social media is easy, right? Now, just...

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- February 16, 2017 -

The Cheese Stands Alone: Why You Need Unique Copy and Meta Info on Every Web Page

Search engines use dozens of criteria to determine your website’s relevancy for a particular search term or phrase, and your on-page content is among...

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- January 30, 2017 -

Making Your Digital Work Smarter, Not Harder

Anyone involved in the digital landscape knows that what’s hot one day can be old news the next. The landscape is constantly changing, and new...

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- January 11, 2017 -

The Long and Short of It: How a Longer Search Term Can Lead to a Shorter Sales Cycle

It may sound counterintuitive, but longer search terms are often more effective than generic ones when it comes to converting visitors into buyers....

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- December 22, 2016 -

I Spy: 6 Free Ways to Monitor Your Competitors

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your competitors. Staying on top of their promotions, campaigns and social media activity can help you and...

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- December 15, 2016 -

Shut Down Negative Feedback as Soon as It Happens

We’ve all Googled our names to see what shows up, and you’ve probably done that for your business as well. Google Alerts is a free and easy way to...

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