- August 19, 2016 -

Choosing the Right Font

Easily the biggest concept I overlooked as a budding designer was the impact that fonts have on design. Regardless of how outstanding your layout and copy are they can easily be ruined by a terrible font choice. Like most designers, I've compiled a mental list of fonts that I love, and others I loathe. Below are a few the fonts I tend to utilize the most.

Roboto Slab

“You Can Trust a Business Like Us”

Slab fonts are one of my personal favorites. If I ever find myself stumped on what style of headline to use, this is often my go-to choice. Slab fonts are highly versatile and useful in almost any layout. I personally think this style of font (like many serif fonts) has a professional and trustworthy quality to it. This particular font is a bit wider than most, which makes it a great for adding a bit of visual weight to smaller headlines.


“The Institute of Technology and Fashion Design"

Thin, rounded fonts like this are my top pick for a clean, modern layout. This particular font is pretty light, so I tend to use it at larger size. It’s also a headline font that can double as a good choice for body copy.


“Drinking Lemonade on a Warm Sandy Beach”

The font designers love to hate. Due to it's popularity and unique appearance some say this font has become the new cliche. Regardless, I think it's a great font with a number of useful applications. Its bold lines and small ligatures give a fun and carefree appearance. A great choice for creating that "home sweet home" feeling on your website. Use it, don't abuse it.


What are your favorite fonts to use or see on websites? Are there any fonts you particularly dislike?

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